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"A truly memorable time writing this book whilst in New York City attending industry meetings and symposiums." — Howard Ryan

Corporate greed and the slashing of sub-contracting tradie's costs, has caused a major issue in residential construction with the finishing trades and the proposed warranty expectations, which is leading them all to tribunal and court claims more so than ever before.


By not understanding and/or acknowledging the wording in your contracts and scopes of works, will create unrealistic expectations and disputes where both parties make fools of themselves. Construction and Inspection planning is crucial to a successful and dispute free business. An example is, we don't tell a car manufacturer how to build their cars, they just sell them in their car yards so why should a consumer tell a builder or a home inspector, how to run their business? Forums and reality TV programmes are full of inconclusive statements based on what is being displayed, and the viewers are assuming this is the way it is to be done. IT IS NOT!

What My Builder Didn't Tell Me


What my builder didn't tell me

This PDF developed over an extensive amount of time is an explanatory short stories book to allow you, the reader to understand the importance of researching, finding, and using tradies on your projects and how to avoid costly litigation. It is written as a path for builders and homeowners when dealing with each other and help in avoiding misunderstandings. 

For the Tradie
Experience sells your ability, so act like it.

For Builders
Ensure the path you take, is professionally researched or you will feel the same pain as your clients. After all, satisfaction is what we all strive for.


As I keep on blabbing about by using Contract Law and how simple the Five Elements of Contract Law are to follow.


Instruction -  Offer - Valuable Consideration - Acceptance &

Acknowledgments, “Always in All Ways”

For Homeowners
Knowledge is power -Time v’s Experience - Energy follows thought!

Learn all the above and what they each stand for then watch what happens around you. HJR 

The Tradie's Bullshit


Tradie Bullshit

The Australian Property Market deserves to be looked after in a way that has never been done before. Let me show you how!
Dedicated to my dad,
Leslie Daniel Ryan BEM,

for saying to me,
“Always document your proven
findings and never, ever give up”

The Property Revolution Guide


The Property Revolution Guide

This criteria is an introduction of what an Australian Property Inspector is expected to carry out when conducting various types of Residential Property Inspections.

This criteria is in a preliminary form and is the minimum requirement for a property inspector to actually carry out Housesafe has gauged this criteria book against various principals and actual eventful property inspections carried out by an Australian Property Inspector.

The Housesafe Way


The Housesafe Way

Book Reviews

Best Industry book ever.



Gill. Builder. Western Sydney  

What My Builder Didn’t Tell Me opened our eyes to everything from the scary technical world of Contract Law and the standard practices and policies that can protect us as first home owners, down to the useful tips in build inspections and even home maintenance.  We were cautious signing up even with a reputable builder to construct our home and are now more knowledgeable and confident in proceeding with the build, thanks to Howard’s book! - Kit
Kit. Sydney.

Wow, thanks Howard, you suggested I read your book to help me with my misunderstanding I had with my builder.
I downloaded your book on Friday and read it completely by Saturday.
This morning I arranged and had a meeting with my builder, and wanted to apologise to him. I believed what I read on a social media site, and found out it was not proof of what was being claimed, thank to your book mate.
The builder even gave me a discount on a pending variation once I told him I read your book.
He knows of you and said, “thank god someone gets this industry right”.

Harry, USA

As an industry expert, this read is only part of what he is capable of delivering to us all.

Ian, Western Australia

Thanks to the author, Howard Ryan for sending it along.He's a giant in our industry and a class act. I'm excited to have access to his wealth of knowledge regarding our line of work.

Bob Vandigriff, Florida USA

This is a must-read book for anyone who is renovating, buying or purchasing a property. The book explains the pitfalls for both builders and clients if they don't understand the basics of contract law.

Deb Carr. Sydney Lifestyle Blogger

Howard Ryan’s book, “What My Builder Didn’t Tell Me”, provides an excellent opportunity to examine your methods of operation and provides the tools to establish a consistent protocol to protect you and your business moving forward. The war stories provide insight into the construction and inspection fields and showcase his extensive experience. The Contract Law information provides an excellent baseline to follow and minimize your liability and exposure potential.

As the President of the Long Island ASHI Chapter in New York, I will surely be advising our members to read this book and take Howard’s advice as a guidepost to follow in their management procedures.

John Weiburg, P.E., ASHI, Certified Inspector

Absolutely loved the book. 
So resourceful for so many. I read two thirds of it in one sitting and finished the other third last night. 
My favourite advice: keep notes constantly.

Rhonda. Manly.

Loved it, very informative in an easy to read format. Real life scenarios make it very interesting


I want more

Chantel. Penrith,  Western Sydney 

Howard’s book talks about literally what the title says.  What My Builder Didn’t Tell Me is a gold mine of information that’s valuable especially to first time builders like us who have no idea about things that we could miss if we were just to rely on the builder’s words and documentations.  

Reading Howard’s book feels like listening to an uncle giving his personal advice based on years of professional experience and technical knowledge – all written in a way that’s easy to consume. 


Josh. Sydney.

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