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"A truly memorable time writing this book whilst in New York City attending industry meetings and symposiums." — Howard Ryan

Corporate greed and the slashing of sub-contracting tradie's costs, has caused a major issue in residential construction with the finishing trades and the proposed warranty expectations, which is leading them all to tribunal and court claims more so than ever before.


By not understanding and/or acknowledging the wording in your contracts and scopes of works, will create unrealistic expectations and disputes where both parties make fools of themselves. Construction and Inspection planning is crucial to a successful and dispute free business. An example is, we don't tell a car manufacturer how to build their cars, they just sell them in their car yards so why should a consumer tell a builder or a home inspector, how to run their business? Forums and reality TV programmes are full of inconclusive statements based on what is being displayed, and the viewers are assuming this is the way it is to be done. IT IS NOT!

This PDF developed over an extensive amount of time is an explanatory short stories book to allow you, the reader to understand the importance of researching, finding, and using tradies on your projects and how to avoid costly litigation.

It is written as a path for builders and homeowners when dealing with each other and
help in avoiding misunderstandings. 

For the Tradie
Experience sells your ability, so act like it.

For Builders
Ensure the path you take, is professionally researched or you will feel the same pain as your clients. After all, satisfaction is what we all strive for.


As I keep on blabbing about by using Contract Law and how simple the Five Elements of Contract Law are to follow.


  1. Instruction

  2. Offer

  3. Valuable Consideration

  4. Acceptance &

  5. Acknowledgments, “Always in All Ways”

For Homeowners
Knowledge is power.
Time v’s Experience.
Energy follows thought!
Learn all the above and what they each stand for then watch what happens around
you. HJR 

Howard Ryan’s book, “What My Builder Didn’t Tell Me”, provides an excellent opportunity to examine your methods of operation and provides the tools to establish a consistent protocol to protect you and your business moving forward. The war stories provide insight into the construction and inspection fields and showcase his extensive experience. The Contract Law information provides an excellent baseline to follow and minimize your liability and exposure potential.

As the President of the Long Island ASHI Chapter in New York, I will surely be advising our members to read this book and take Howard’s advice as a guidepost to follow in their management procedures.

John Weiburg, P.E., ASHI, Certified Inspector

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