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Rent A Builder

  • Administrate your building contract

  • Liaise with your builder

  • Two vital inspections at frame and pre-lining completion stages

  • Supply a detailed report in compliance with current legislation

  • Available by email to answer all questions regarding your new construction

  • Meetings on site to discuss issues (with acceptance from your builder and OH&S requirements)

  • Remain available for your warranty period

Your investment: $6,000 inc GST

Rent a Builder

Cost Management: By identifying potential issues early and ensuring that your project adheres to best practices, Rent A Builder can help in managing and possibly reducing overall project costs.  

Why Rent A Builder?

We specialise in letting you know what a builder's role is so your build is as smooth as possible.

Firstly you must read our free book, 'What My Builder Didn't Tell Me' available on this website for free, amongst other free industry books.
If you are an owner builder for a small fee of only $6,000-00 inc GST we can help you and give you a professional approach to building a home.
If you are building with a project builder we can also assist you in two critical stages of construction to ensure your building is on the right path.

Professional Support: For those ready to take the plunge as an owner builder, Rent A Builder provides professional assistance for a fee of $6,000 (inclusive of GST). This service is geared towards giving you a structured and professional approach to building your home. Considering the substantial financial investment involved in construction, having expert guidance can help in making informed decisions, managing costs, and ensuring quality.

rent a builder

Benefits of Working with Rent A Builder

Expert Guidance: Navigating the building process can be daunting. Rent A Builder's services provide you with expert advice, helping you make educated decisions at every step. 

Peace of Mind

Perhaps most importantly, having Rent-A-Builder on your side offers peace of mind. Knowing that you have experienced professionals guiding your project can relieve the stress often associated with building or renovating a home. In summary, Rent-A-Builder offers a valuable service for anyone embarking on the journey of building or renovating a home. Whether you’re an owner builder seeking to manage your project directly, or you're working with a project builder and want additional assurance that your project is on the right path, Rent A Builder provides the expertise and support needed to ensure your project's success.

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