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H & K Ryan's building inspection reports within Sydney are fully descriptive, they show all areas inspected at the inspector's discretion. They also include photographs of defects found and any other problems we may find.


Do, or will you know, if your new home has been built by an "Owner-Builder"? H & K Ryan will as you need to know to prevent you from losing potential value in the future. Owner Builders must provide you with a Home Owners Warranty Certificate when they sell their homes in the required period. BEWARE!


An "Owner Builder" does not have the ability to understand the hierarchy nor to assess real issues while constructing nor do they depend on others knowing the Australian Standards, so don't get caught.

Property Purchase Consultancy to comply with relevant referenced Australian Standards and NCC Codes for Residential Construction compliance only

A thorough search to identify existing and potential problem areas put you, the purchaser, in a better negotiating position with the selling Agent. Most Agents don't like what we find, therefore that is how we know we are doing our job. Finding problems before you buy may allow you to renegotiate the price of the purchase property or have repairs carried out by the vendor, or a price reduction, prior to the purchase. Of course, we can offer remedies to any problems we find and all of our pre-purchase inspections comply with the Australian Standard (AS4349.1-2007)


If you're in the process of building or renovating, an independent building inspection can help you. This service is invaluable to the owner, the builder and or the property investor alike to keep their project running smoothly and ensure its hassle-free. Statistics prove that 1 in 4 projects fail to meet current BCA standards and the relevant Australian Standards.


Construction progress inspections carried out by H & K Ryan are completely independent and give you advice on the progress of work and the standard of work being carried out. Remain in contact with Howard for the support you need.


We inspect at the frame stage after the external brickwork is complete and the roof tiles have been fitted to your roof area and again just prior to the completion hand-over stage. Practical completion stage. A lot of builders have issues at the hand-over stage so it is vital at this stage that your new home be inspected. Don't be disappointed at the end of your project to find out you did not engage us to inspect your new home to alert you to these issues that need attention from your builder.

We are specialists in this field and can also help in matters relating to pre-purchase building inspections that have not depicted the true findings of the actual property, new building construction dispute problems, defective building works, non-tradesmen like works and incomplete works, should they evolve.

H & K Ryan have the intel to understand the hierarchy and legislation.


If your builder is not performing the way he stated to you in the building contract then you may have an issue to be resolved now, rather than wait till it escalates. Building matters can cost $1,000's if not caught early enough. A simple $50,000 renovation can escalate into a $30,000 costs claim if not dealt with effectively, let H & K help you!


We will also deal one on one with your builder to bring to his attention the pending dispute issues if you wish us to do so. In most cases, this will prevent costly legal battles. Under the relevant codes of conduct, we act for the NCAT and courts to have a resolution in all matters. We are competent expert witnesses for the NCAT Tribunal and other court jurisdictions.

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