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H&K Ryan has carried out thousands of property inspections and has become a recognised name within the building inspection industry. We are committed to our clients and their needs when it comes to purchasing their dream home. H&K has the experience (and testimonial intel) necessary to provide you with detailed property inspection reports whether you are building, buying, selling or renovating


Howard Ryan

Howard Ryan Property Inspector

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Steve Ryan

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Howard Ryan of H&K Ryan & Associates and his Son Stephen Ryan from Macro Building Solutions have prevented disputes from arising in our company due to the calming methodology they use and the proof they provide in their determinations. Even in NCAT Hearings they remain impartial and the Tribunal Members see this fact and follow the required codes of conduct. We would be lost without these guys.

Volume Builder. NSW.



I would highly recommend Howard Ryan from H&K Ryan & Associates for your building inspections Sydney needs. He is very thorough and his reports are extremely easy to read and he also provides numerous photos of any problem areas so that they can understand the issues at hand. I use Howard for all of the pre-purchase inspections for my clients who require a building report as I know I can trust his findings and I also know that he is professional and insured. I would also like to thank Howard for his continual prompt service in providing me with the written building reports on the same day that the inspections are carried out.

Elisa W, Step by Step Conveyancing


As a Solicitor, I thought I knew what I was getting into when I recently built a new home. Just 6 months into our new home, we developed severe water & drainage problems under the house escalating to damp and mould problems so I began to worry. My friends referred me to Howard of H & K Ryan & Associates and said he was "the Man" in Property Inspections and they were not wrong. Howard's Building Defect Report and expert knowledge of the Building Code and relevant holes in the Building contract really impressed me. Within a week of handing over the report, we had a conciliation meeting on site with the Builder with resolutions promised. Howard's presence in that meeting was just amazing. I would have been so lost and bamboozled by myself. If the matter goes further, I know that I am in safe hands with Howard! Don't go through my experience, call in Howard today!

Rebecca S 


Dealing with H & K was so easy. Howard provided a hassle-free, quick turnaround time for inspecting and reporting, as well as wonderful advice post-inspection.

Rosanne H



I met Howard in a shopping centre as I saw the back of his shirt, "Property Under Inspection" and asked him to help me with a building problem i had at my home. He made a time, he was prompt, he was precise and prevented me taking the builder to court. This saved me thousands in legal costs and I wish to thank Howard for that. If you don't ask, you never know. Thanks, Howard

Sam R.


I have worked with Howard Ryan since 2013 and in that time I have witnessed time and time again, the dedication Howard puts in to his business. Without a doubt, Howard Ryan is one of the most experienced Property Purchase Consultants in the world. If I were buying or building a new home I would be on the phone to Howard immediately to inspect the property.

Deb Carr


Howard has assisted us with our new build in 2020. His book was gold and it outlined a defect-free process which he showed us how it was to be followed. It really worked and the builder himself now uses Howard’s processes. Howard was always available and answered all our emails to ease our mind. Our builder stated to me that Howard of H&K Ryan is now being spoken about within the current construction Associations. Highly recommend this man to be involved in your build.

Josjl and Katen


Howard's reputation preceded him, as evident from our site supervisor's enthusiasm to have him inspect our home. The supervisor even acknowledged the high benchmark set by Howard, going so far as to say that they needed to be prepared for his keen eye or risk being called out in his report.

Betty & Jason


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