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The 5 Elements of Contract Law - Instruction

The 5 Elements of Contract Law - Instruction

“INSTRUCTION” is to ask for a direction or order....

· Please provide me with....

· I want a quote for….

· How long have you been in business?...

· What if you did it this way?...

· Detailed information telling how something should be done....

· What is your license number?

· In sport, it is your training....

· In a restaurant, it is your order with the waiter….

· A Lawyer gives details on what is required by an expert in legal matters….

In an argument, it is what the other side is on about!

Instructions in residential construction are “I want you to build,” “I have a budget of” “I want a four-bedroom home” etc.

Instructions in various types of home inspections are “I would like to have you conduct a Pre-Purchase Pest and or Building Inspections on a property I wish to buy,” or “I am building a home with ABC Building and I want you to inspect their works for defects please,” or “I noticed something on my new build and I need a professional to inspect the works to clarify my thoughts”

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