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  • Howard Ryan

Home Maintenance Plan

An excerpt from Howard's Book: What My Builder Didn't Tell Me.

Home Maintenance Plan

It is our pleasure to provide this guide to a maintenance program that is designed specially to provide information essential to maintain the wellbeing of your home.

General Information:

  • Clean up each room as required to prevent clutter and build-up of any junk,

  • Invent and form a place generally for everything,

  • DO NOT leave food scraps in sinks or on the cook top in pots,

  • Clean around the Hot Plate and kitchen sink edges,

  • A general way of organizing your home is to maintain a 15 minute a day clean-up of basic items,

  • Move stored goods and any obstacles away from doorways and stairs,

  • DON’T leave out small objects on floor areas,

  • ALWAYS turn off Dishwashers, Microwaves, Ovens and Hot Plates and Washing Machines and Dryers,

  • Learn to understand what is required to operate you’re Air Conditioning units and Hot Water Units.

You must carry out the following works every 3 months:

  • Clean out the gutters and flush out all the downpipe inlets,

  • Ensure the property grounds surface water inlet drainage points around the dwelling’s perimeter are not covered with leaves or blocked by any foreign objects,

  • Walk around your home and check the (visible) exposed slab edge for any potential termite leads!

  • Termite leads look like a dirt trail and are usually found in very tight and damp areas like under dripping Air Conditioner overflow pipes and hot water units overflow pipes,

  • Open and close all internal and external doors and check for gap difference and ensure they do not stick,

  • Generally, lubricate hinges and moving parts,

  • Open and close all aluminium or timber windows and check for differential movement,

  • Generally, lubricate hinges and or any moving parts,

  • Check window glass for any cracks,

  • Check windowsills internally for any water stains from external leaks,

  • Inspect cornices at ceiling to wall junctions, for cracking to internal and external corners and walls above the doors and windows


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